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title: Happy 1st Birthday!
date: 2008-09-05 01:38:40
updated: 2008-11-13 15:42:24
<div class="narrow-col">
<p><a href="" title="dConstruct 2008">dConstruct 2008</a> is right around the corner: the Eurostar tickets are on my desk, the hostel in <abbr class="geo" title="50.8237;-0.138619">Brighton</abbr> is booked and the advertisement stuff is ready (more on this later). dConstruct by itself would be a good reason to be excited but this year there is a little extra. Last year <span class="vcard"><a class="url fn ext" href="" rel="friend met colleague co-resident">Fousa</a></span> and I took the dConstruct conference date as the deadline for our new sites (layout and codebase redesigns). This site went live right before we took of for dConstruct 2007 (<abbr title="20070905">September 5th, 2007</abbr>). Happy first birthday Suffix!</p>
<p>Between <abbr title="20070901">September 1th, 2007</abbr> and <abbr title="20080903">yesterday</abbr> 6917 people visited this website from 103 different countries. They generated 10691 pageviews with 12 different browsers (only 2 <a href="" title="Google Chrome">Google Chrome</a> visitors so far). <a href="" title="StumbleUpon">StumbleUpon</a> is my most successful referrer with <a href="" title="Flickr Photo Sharing">Flickr</a> following close in second position.</p>
<p>Last year I published 30 blog posts or an average of 2.5 per month. The &ldquo;<a href="/blog/lightroom-iphoto-export" title="Lightroom to iPhoto export">Lightroom to iPhoto export</a>&rdquo; article is the most successful so far, &ldquo;<a href="/blog/ipodia" title="iPodia for Wikipedia">iPodia for Wikipedia</a>&rdquo; the least successful. I write most about Apple, programming and Ruby on Rails.</p>
<p>Anyway, probably not very useful for anyone but it's just nice to keep around for myself and oh, happy 1<sup>st</sup> birthaday to <span class="vcard"><a class="url fn ext" href="" rel="friend met colleague co-resident">Fousa</a></span> as well!</p>