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title: Samsung ML-2165W printer review
date: 2012-07-16 16:20:11
updated: 2014-01-14 22:55:00
proofread: yes
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<p>A few weeks ago, my old and trusty <abbr title="Hewlett Packard">HP</abbr> Deskjet 3845 Color Inkjet printer died while printing some envelopes. I don't even remember when I bought this printer, probably over 10 years ago. I happened to pass an electronics shop, so I went in and bought a Samsung ML-2165W for &euro;59.45. This was an impulsive buy.</p>
<h2>Black &amp; white laser printer</h2>
<p>I had no idea what to buy, but I did know I wanted a black &amp; white laser printer. I don't print a lot, maybe 5 pages a month. Ink evaporates and cartridges are <a href="" title="HP ink costs more than human blood">expensive</a> and the same goes for color. As I never print photos (online print services are so cheap these days), the color ink was only used to print advertising on plane or train tickets, sometimes the occasional website. I figured a black &amp; white printer would save me from checking the printer settings each time.</p>
<h2>Bye, bye <abbr title="Hewlett Packard">HP</abbr></h2>
<p>My previous printer served me well, why wouldn't I opt for an <abbr title="Hewlett Packard">HP</abbr> again? The most important reason is probably their software. A driver is all I need so please don't include tons of other applications I don't need. It gives me the impression I have to pay for something I don't want. I buy a printer, not a photo manager. On top of that, <abbr title="Hewlett Packard">HP</abbr> has received some <a href="" title="HP ink sponge size over time">bad press</a> lately. I assume they lose money on their hardware and make a ton of profit on the cartridges. Maybe all printer vendors do?</p>
<h2>ML-2165W and <abbr title="Universal Serial Bus">USB</abbr></h2>
<p>While unpacking the <a href="">Samsung ML-2165W</a>, I notice it has everything in the box; a power and <abbr title="Universal Serial Bus">USB</abbr> cable, nice. I have seen printers where you were required to buy a &lsquo;printer cable&rsquo; (= <abbr title="Universal Serial Bus">USB</abbr> cable) separately in the past. I connected the printer with the <abbr title="Universal Serial Bus">USB</abbr> cable and printed a test page. It worked out of the box. The laser printer is fast (compared with the old inkjet) and the quality is what I expect from a &euro;60 printer. Not bad, not great, but certainly good enough for printing text and plane tickets. So far, so good.</p>
<h2>Wireless printing</h2>
<p>The Samsung ML-2165W is also a wireless printer and is compatible with Mac OS X, or so they say.</p>
<p>I installed the Samsung Easy Printer Manager on Mac OS X Lion to configure the wireless settings on the printer, as I don't have a router that supports <abbr title="Wi-Fi Protected Setup">WPS</abbr> (well, I do, but that's another story). The Easy Printer Manager is as unpredictable as I had feared. The printer, still connected via <abbr title="Universal Serial Bus">USB</abbr>, didn't show up in the Easy Printer Manager. Sometimes it did, but only to disappear again. The wizard did not find the printer and blamed me for not connecting the <abbr title="Universal Serial Bus">USB</abbr> cable. If the printer did show up, it would sometimes tell me this model did not support <abbr title="Wireless Fidelity">WIFI</abbr>. After continuously rebooting, I may be able to access the WIFI settings menu. The menu does not show any wireless networks. A few demotivating hours later, I gave up and booted the Windows <abbr title="Virtual Machine">VM</abbr> and ran the installation wizard. I finished the setup process in 5 minutes.</p>
<p>Samsung, please, don't include Mac OS X software if you don't care about it. Don't include a support link on your website if it only refreshes the page. Don't show 4 out of 5-star ratings if you don't show the actual reviews and almost every other review on the internet makes you look bad. Samsung, please, care about your clients.</p>
<p>Once I was past the initial setup (thanks to Windows), the printer works great. All the Macs in the house pick up the printer and fetch and install the driver automatically.</p>
<p>Overall this is a great little printer for a great price (still have to see what a new toner will cost me). It's fast and the quality is what I expect from it. Could it be improved? Sure, fixing the Mac OS X software (or leaving it out and providing a web interface) would go a long way. Having some minimal customer support or an <abbr title="Frequently Asked Questions">FAQ</abbr> page might have made me a happy customer.</p>
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