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title: My daily worklog workflow
date: 2013-02-27 22:42:17
updated: 2014-03-25 08:30:00
coordinates: 50.86507 4.70069
proofread: yes
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<p>I want to keep track of my work; I want to know where I spent my time last week for myself and for the clients I work for. But I am terrible at logging. I tried numerous applications and even wrote my own to no avail. I simply forget to write stuff down.</p>
<p>I need to make it work. Firstly, I need a way to remind myself each working day to write down what I did. Secondly, I need a centralized place for those notes available wherever I am. I've tried paper, various note-taking apps on my laptop and even full-fledged journals, but I never keep it up.</p>
<p>So, here is what my current workflow looks like.</p>
<p>I use <a href="" title="Reminder app for iOS" class="ext">Periodica</a> for iPhone, a small application by <span class="vcard"><span class="fn">Jelle Vandebeeck</span></span>, to quickly set repeating iOS reminders. It's annoying enough to bug me but can be easily skipped when the reminder is not relevant when I already logged today's work or during the weekends.</p>
<p>My worklog is a simple <a href="" title="What is Markdown?" class="ext">Markdown</a> plain text file in <a href="" title="Dropbox file syncing" class="ext">Dropbox</a> at the moment. Using Markdown makes sure it's more or less structured and easier to parse later on without the need for all the heavy structure, like a database table, for example. I can edit the file from my laptop with my favorite text editor when I happen to be near my laptop when the reminder sounds. If not, I revert to <a href="" title="Note taking app for iOS" class="ext">Drafts</a>, a powerful note-taking app for iOS. I have a Dropbox action in Drafts that quickly appends the current draft with today's date to my worklog file in Dropbox.</p>
<p>Thanks to <span class="vcard"><span class="fn">Merlinn Mann</span></span> in <a href="" title="Failing gracefully podcast with Merlin Mann and Brett Terpstra" class="ext">Systematic episode #33</a> for pointing this out.</p>