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This is the source code to my portfolio website. It replaces my portfolio's hand-coded markup that's been limping along since 2002. It's not just for web designs, though, it can accomodate coding or any other type of project I might want to do. In addition to being able to write up a little blurb and upload screenshots, the ArchiveServe will serve up past web designs in all of their original glory.

I originally started rewriting/redesigning the site in February 2014. Then I got busy with a new job and ended up never having time to work on it. A few months later, I had a hard drive failure lost everything but a small HTML/CSS demo I had uploaded to my webserver. I didn't think that what I had written so far was at a point where I wanted anyone to see it, so I kept it entirely local. Lesson learned.

This version was started at the end of December 2015 and launched January 26, 2015. About half of the design choices I made in the original version made it into this version.


If you actually want to try running it, you'll need GHC installed. You'll also need a few extra libraries I've worked on that aren't on hackage.

I think this should install everything correctly:

cabal sandbox init
cabal install snap
cabal sandbox add-source path/to/postgresql-simple-tuple
cabal sandbox add-source path/to/snap-handlers
cabal sandbox add-source path/to/camellia-splices
cabal sandbox add-source path/to/digestive-functors/digestive-functors
cabal sandbox add-source path/to/digestive-functors/digestive-functors-heist
cabal install
cabal run

You'll also need a PostgreSQL database. Credentials are in snaplets/postgreql-simple/ (this file should auto generate when you run the application, I think).

psql -f setup/setup.sql
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