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(def *config*
{:num-of-posts 4 ; number of posts on the frontpage
:css-menu "div#menu" ; default CSS selector to show the Menu
:css-content "div#main" ; default CSS selector for the content
:css-comments "div#comments" ; default CSS selector for comments
:html-default "html/base.html" ; default HTML Template (inside the src dir)
:disable-cache false} ; cache html on disk?
{:upload "upload" ; directory to store file uploads
:database "pages" ; directory to store the database
:database-meta "database" ; file to store the meta database
:cache "cache" ; directory to put the cache
:log "log"} ; directory to store log files
{:port 8080 ; www port
:ssl-port 8081 ; https port
:keystore "keystore.jks" ; location of java keystore; keytool(1)
:key-password "enter_your_password" ; keystore password
:join? false}}) ; keep the REPL running