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@renaudpawlak renaudpawlak released this Dec 16, 2016 · 715 commits to master since this release

This release contains many bug fixes and new features. It takes into account our last-months experience developing real IONIC/Cordova applications with JSweet, but also many excellent feedbacks from the community (many thanks to the reporters!).

Important new features and changes

  • Full support for in-project definitions (bridges to JS lib can be defined on-the-fly within the def.* packages). Now, you can easily write bridges to JavaScript libs in your project if you don't find the corresponding candy. For your definitions to be taken into account, the definitions option of the compiler needs to be turned on.
  • Better support for source maps (including when using the bundle mode). You can now debug your Java files from a JSweet-generated bundle. Also the debug mode does not break the generated code presentation anymore. The new source map support is implemented with Google's Closure source map API.
  • Changed/improved module support to make it compatible with Angular 2 (see
  • Support for type decorators as Java annotations (required to use Angular 2)
  • Full support for Java enums (including fields, constructors, and methods).
  • Support for Object.getClass(). JSweet now supports expressions such as myObject.getClass() == x.y.z.MyClass.class.

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes for method and constructor overloading, inner classes, default methods
  • Various bug fixes when using the modules
  • See the Github commits for a full list :)

Important note on Candies and the next version

Candies will not be released anymore under the current form. So you should continue using the 1.2 snapshots for this release. Candies will now be publically available for modifications in order to favorize a more collaborative and open approach. This new way of dealing with Candies should be available soon (for the next version).

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