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Version 2.0.0

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@renaudpawlak renaudpawlak released this 31 Aug 10:48
· 651 commits to master since this release

Main new features (see the specifications for full details):

  • Full support for external configuration file (jsweetconfig.json)
  • Well-tested and documented extension API for tuning the TypeScript/JavaScript generation (JSweet is now a fully Open Transpiler, see the doc)
  • More extensive Java API built-in support (without any runtime): collections, reflection,, math, ...
  • Many Java bug fixes: inner and anonymous classes, enums, logical and comparison operators, lambdas/classes mapping, method overloading, ...
  • J4TS runtime is not used/required by default (unless you add it to the classpath)
  • More support for JavaScript decorators
  • Better source map support (including when using modules)
  • Built-in watch mode to transpile your modifications on the fly regardless of what IDE/editor you are using
  • Core API changes for consistency (jsweet.lang -> def.js, jsweet.dom -> def.dom, jsweet.util.Globals -> jsweet.util.Lang) - older API is deprecated but not removed for backward compatibility
  • Core API improvements: better typing, lang macros (for instance $insert), flexible code replacement annotation (@Replace), ...