Remove references to non-implemented Storage module (resubmitted) #135

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Remove any and all references to old (non-working, non-implemented) storage engine.

Resubmitted against maint branch

Removed version bump(s)

phlipper and others added some commits Mar 24, 2012
@phlipper phlipper colorize readme 0091c01
@dominikh dominikh Merge remote branch 'phlipper/colorize-readme' c87cbfc
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 43ed75d
@dominikh dominikh in User: replace method_missing magic with normal methods 67b47a3
@dominikh dominikh add User#authenticated? as an alias for User#authed? 426c923
@dominikh dominikh add User#monitored? as an alias for User#monitored 25e2ed3
@dominikh dominikh document new aliases 8bb931a
@dominikh dominikh add method User#oper? that checks if a user is an irc operator
Closes gh-74
@dominikh dominikh add question mark aliases for unsynced attribute getters 03fffff
@dominikh dominikh rename Syncable#synced? to Syncable#attribute_synced? to avoid naming…
… conflicts
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'feature/isoper' into temp/int
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint'
@dominikh dominikh add method for gaining operator privileges
Closes gh-73
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'feature/bot_oper' 23dcbcc
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 9470b14
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' into develop 065e42d
@oz oz Update examples/plugins/own_events.rb e06aa9d
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 962fc7c
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 1c63a49
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' bb9445f
@dominikh dominikh correct documentation of :method option for Plugin::ClassMethods#hook aaa2efb
@dominikh dominikh Merge pull request #83 from oz/patch-1
Update examples/plugins/own_events.rb
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' f1f672a
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'master' of 9f408b1
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 623edf6
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' ceafb54
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 2411c6c
@jayg jayg Add action_reply convenience method dfbe409
@dominikh dominikh use built-in BF-ECB mode of OpenSSL instead of using BF-CBC and reset…
…ting the state after every block
@dominikh dominikh fix typo in 131527f
@dominikh dominikh fix examples that broke with Cinch 2.0
Closes gh-98
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'add_action_reply' of git:// aeec928
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' f725a5e
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' c540347
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' e45ceea
@britishtea britishtea Document the default plugin prefix in the Common Mistakes section b5157d6
@britishtea britishtea Document sending messages to arbitrary targets in Common Tasks 0f1ccf8
@Elberet Elberet Fix: Reset own modes on (re)connect 35c8354
@Elberet Elberet Fix: do not record duplicate usermodes for bot 25e9d2b
@dominikh dominikh Merge pull request #116 from Elberet/master
Fix bugs in tracking bot's own user modes
@dominikh dominikh add docstring for User#nick 02828b5
@dominikh dominikh make User#nick a method instead of an alias, to help YARD document it…
… correctly
@dominikh dominikh require cinch/helpers in cinch/plugin to allow requiring cinch/plugin…
… directly
@splaspood splaspood Fix a single character typo in one of the method comments d3c8975
@nickrw nickrw Have HandlerList#dispatch return an array of threads started by the e…

This allows plugins to wait for handler threads to complete, if desired.
@dominikh dominikh Merge remote-tracking branch 'nickrw/master'
This extends the v2.x API to return created threads from Handler#call
and HandlerList#dispatch, useful for some lower-level usage of the
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 645d842
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' edcd787
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 2873e90
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' c5f9667
@dominikh dominikh Merge branch 'maint' 186033a
@dyoung522 dyoung522 remove all references to non-implemented Storage module
 - version bump to
@dyoung522 dyoung522 back-out version bump
Per request of the OA

53 commits? I didn't ask you to blindly resubmit your branch to be merged into maint, I asked for it to be rebased on maint, instead of master. :)


Probably easiest workflow: Create a branch from maint, cherry-pick your commit that removes Storage into it, send a PR for that branch to be merged into maint.

@dyoung522 dyoung522 closed this Aug 20, 2013

I thought it looked odd. I'm new to pull requests and thought it would automatically cherry pick just my commits.

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