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People and projects using Cinch

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If you run a bot powered by Cinch in a public channel, feel free to add it to this list. Please include the network, channel name and nickname of the bot. If the code is freely available, we'd also appreciate a link to it so other people can learn from your bots.

You can, of course, also add a short description describing your bot and its main features.

antinoos @ irc://

antinoos is a helper bot: it provides memos, translation help (via Google), Google searches, dictionary lookup, and searches of Debian packages and a Bash wiki. (It sometimes gets new commands, so try !c or !commands to get a full listing of what commands the bot recognizes.)

ArchiveBot @ irc://

ArchiveBot is a website archiving service run by Archive Team; Cinch is used to provide a command and reporting interface. ArchiveBot is designed to archive smaller (~10-15 GB) websites, package them into WARCs, and uploads them to places like the Internet Archive.

Azurebot @ irc://

Azurebot is a general-purpose bot, with various functionality such as weather, dice and twitter. A lot of scripts are still under development (a few are merely just put together and will be refined as time goes on, and proper documentation will be added at some point), and new features are already planned such as administrator authentication and timed bans. Some of the plugins were based on a bot that once was in #shakesoda, and in a way Azurebot takes over the previous bot's duties.

Geass @ irc://

Geass is the service bot in #subtle (the official channel of the tiling window manager Subtle), providing various helpers and announcing status reports of buildbots.


GitBot is a Cinch bot that contains a Sinatra server that listens to GitHub webhooks. The bot announces incoming commit messages on a set of IRC channels. It also contains a git post-receive script that enables you to use the bot with your own git repositories. Available as a Ruby gem. @ irc:// is a TF2 pug organizer. Players sign up for a number of classes and when minimum requirements are met, captains take turns picking teams and the game starts. Uses multiple Cinch instances as messenger bots to avoid spam limits.

gem-testers-bot @ #gem-testers on freenode

Gem Testers is a publication service for test results. The bot retrieves results for a given gem and additionally reports on the number of results posted on the hour.

Bwanana @ irc://

Bwanana is the bot for pixelfuckers IRC channel on freenode. It's based on #subtle's Geass, re-using some of its functionality, with some added stuff like RSS feed checking, capability to add administrators, pokes, on-the-fly /nick changes, Google search, weather, and other small modifications.

Showbot @ irc://

Showbot is an IRC bot with a web interface written for the 5by5 chatroom. Read lots more about its creation in this blog post.


LogBot is a simple IRC logger with a read-only web interface, which features realtime updates. Powered by Cinch, its agent monitors all the activity in specified channels, then writes into database (Redis), and the web interface (Sinatra) updates as well.

Eve @ irc://

Eve is a helper bot, as of now it can oper up, give Twitter statuses, search Google for the top result, provide a random haiku, random quotes, interesting sites, and much more. More is to come of course. You can type !help to get help whilst in a channel it's present in.

m0hsl-irc-bot @ irc://

This bot is used to follow and notify channel users of radio activity initiated by the callsign M0HSL. It is integrated with pskreporter, a service for radio amateurs used for propagation analysis.

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