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Mac/iOS boost::regex and tweaked build instructions

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1 parent 6a8327f commit a3a83b5fba70bc7df78e8666e8e23e412a9d93ae @andrewfb andrewfb committed Jan 12, 2012
1 docs/doxygen/docsrc/guides/cinderboost/CinderBoost.dox
@@ -71,4 +71,5 @@ cp stage/lib/*.a ../lib/ios\n
./b2 architecture=x86 target-os=iphone macosx-version=iphonesim-4.3 stage\n
cp stage/lib/*.a ../lib/ios-sim\n
+\em Note: to strip armv6, use <tt>lipo -remove armv6 lib/ios/libboost_regex.a -output lib/ios/libboost_regex.a</tt>
BIN lib/ios-sim/libboost_regex.a
Binary file not shown.
BIN lib/ios/libboost_regex.a
Binary file not shown.
BIN lib/macosx/libboost_regex.a
Binary file not shown.

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