Problems with build of Vulkan version #1322

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acterhd commented Feb 21, 2016

I can't build Cinder by reasons:

  • Boost not found
  • Vulkan not found
  • Errors with int uint (boost 1.60)

I don't understand how to compile Cinder with Vulkan?

Tool: Visual Studio 2015.


It sounds as though your clone was not done properly, the says:

$ git clone --recursive

this will clone the repo AND the submodules which you have called out as not found above. Worth noting, the command above will recursively clone the repo's master branch, you could add --branch vulkan on an initial clone to grab the vulkan branch and its submodules.

The 7.11 Git Tools - Submodules chapter from the git book goes into greater detail.

acterhd commented Feb 21, 2016

I cloned project, but...

When I try build VS2013 project (not winrt), I get errors with Int <-> Uint.
Used: Visual Studio 2015.

Finally: problems with Vulkan, or Visual Studio 2015.


I think you're going to need to post the actual error message and more detail on what's happening. The branch is known to work on both Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015.

acterhd commented Feb 21, 2016

I sent message error, in PNG.


Looks like you turned on "Treat Warnings As Errors". The warnings it's catching are harmless.

@paulhoux paulhoux closed this Feb 22, 2016
acterhd commented Feb 22, 2016

No, is not turned on.

Problems with: Vulkan and Visual Studio 2015. In original Cinder no problems!

acterhd commented Mar 14, 2016

Problems again.

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