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Added M_HALF_PI and M_TWO_PI #126

wants to merge 43 commits into from

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rsodre commented Jan 18, 2012

Why not?

rsodre added some commits Nov 2, 2010
@rsodre rsodre roger 5017d32
@rsodre rsodre Roger b9aa650
@rsodre rsodre merge with cinder/master 454e967
@rsodre rsodre Roger 8c12f01
@rsodre rsodre Roger stuff - OSC of compatibility; window resize; shadow improvements 199b830
@rsodre rsodre roger stuff af1683f
@rsodre rsodre roger stuff 46e6acf
@rsodre rsodre Merge remote branch 'cinder/master' 0f6499b
@rsodre rsodre Roger stuff fbfd195
@rsodre rsodre +drawStrokedRect() c0181b6
@rsodre rsodre Merge remote branch 'cinder/master' 38dab23
@rsodre rsodre Added <int> vectors 50de7d5
@rsodre rsodre Rogers first Geometry Shader implementantion 9b793d7
@rsodre rsodre Merge with master 7de67a9
@rsodre rsodre Adding Cinder-MIDI block e2e62c7
@rsodre rsodre Merge remote branch 'cinder/master' b587b0c
@rsodre rsodre Prevent mull messages 7749385
@rsodre rsodre Merge branch 'master' of
	tour/Chapter 5/xcode/Tutorial.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
	tour/Section 2/Chapter 2/xcode/Flocking.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
@rsodre rsodre Roger hacks 7c23b13
@rsodre rsodre Roger hacks - NSWindowUnlimited for resize 7a18aed
@rsodre rsodre Merge remote branch 'cinder/master' 6bb04e4
@rsodre rsodre Roger hacks 2f9b4fb
@rsodre rsodre Removing Roger hack newResize() 673e490
@rsodre rsodre Added isMinimized() 35b59e5
@rsodre rsodre Added isMinimized() 8d2f433
@rsodre rsodre Increasing mFrameCount after draw(), not after update() efbe83a
@rsodre rsodre Roger hacks: default to small font 7c0336d
@rsodre rsodre Roger hacks a5d1383
@rsodre rsodre Avoid crash in drawStringHelper() by not drawing if string is empty 8d7650b
@rsodre rsodre Added red(), green(), blue(), yellow(), cyan() and magenta() helpers b7b3208
@rsodre rsodre Added enableAndBind(GLuint unit) f7037e1
@rsodre rsodre Added missing method Texture::hasAlpha() 3d8b3f1
@rsodre rsodre Merge with master fab1959
@rsodre rsodre Added block Cinder-MIDI to my fork dc75406
@rsodre rsodre Added block ciConfig to my fork, by rsodre. Warning: this block is a …
@rsodre rsodre Added unit param to unbindTexture() e7fb823
@rsodre rsodre Added new setShadowParams() with aspect ratio 3f0433a
@rsodre rsodre Remember target on class ImageSourceTexture : public ImageSource 1e3ead6
@rsodre rsodre Added calcProjectionFromGroundLevel() 2b27a74
@rsodre rsodre Fix sync on seekToTime() eff9529
@rsodre rsodre Added initializers to default contructors 61de488
@rsodre rsodre Added flippedX() flippedY() flippedXY() 69ae66b
@rsodre rsodre Added M_HALF_PI M_TWO_PI 488ed42

Based on the the forum RFC we'll hold off on doing any new math constants.

@andrewfb andrewfb closed this Feb 14, 2012
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