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The asdcplib library is an API and command-line tool set that offers access to files conforming to the sound and picture track file formats developed by the SMPTE Working Group DC28.20 (now TC 21DC).

Support has since been added for SMPTE ST 2067-5 "IMF Essence Component", AKA "AS-02", which was published and is maintained by SMPTE TC 35 PM. The initial draft of this code was donated by Fraunhofer IIS and was created by Robert Scheler and Heiko Sparenberg. It carries additional copyright information which should be listed whenever you link the AS-02 elements of the library. Please look at the top of the AS-02 files to see this copyright information.

Support for ST 20XX OpenEXR was developed and contributed by Bjoern Stresing, Patrick Bichiou and Wolfgang Ruppel, supported by AMPAS. It carries additional copyright information which should be listed whenever you link the AS-02 elements of the library. Please look at the top of the AS-02 files to see this copyright information.

AS-02 support is carried in separate object modules, so unless you #include <AS_02.h> and link you are still using plain old asdcp.


This library is intended (but of course not limited) for use by developers of commercial D-Cinema and IMF products and for commercial mastering toolchains. The documentation is terse and sparse.

The API documentation is mostly in AS_DCP.h. and AS_02.h Read those files for a detailed description of the library's capabilities. Read asdcp-.cpp and as-02-.cpp files for library usage examples. The command-line utilities all respond to -h.

Also, of course, the various SMPTE and ISO standards that underly all of this work should be well understood if you want to tinker with anything, or, in some cases, understand what properties are required in a particular supported use case (e.g., selecting audio channel labels.)

Build Procedure Change for Auto Tools

You can ignore this if you are using CMake or one of the win32 build methods.

As of release 2.10.32 the release archive file will no longer contain the result of running autoreconf. This places a new requirement on the target platform, that autoreconf and friends are installed. This should not be an issue for most users. If it is, you can roll your own auto-tooled version by untarring the distribution and running autoreconf in its root directory as follows:

autoreconf -if
./configure --enable-as-02
make install


libkumu - Platform compatibility layer.

libasdcp - SMPTE ST 429 (DCP) and JPEG Interop DCP.

libas02 - SMPTE ST 2067 (IMF).

libphdr - Dolby Vision track file. Deprecated but maintained.

CLI Programs

Standard Utilities

asdcp-test - DEPRECATED Writes, reads and verifies AS-DCP (MXF) track files.

asdcp-wrap - Writes AS-DCP (MXF) track files.

asdcp-unwrap - Extracts essence from AS-DCP (MXF) track files.

asdcp-info - Displays information about AS-DCP (MXF) track files.

asdcp-util - Calculates digests and generates random numbers and UUIDs.

as-02-wrap - Writes AS-02 Essence Component files.

as-02-unwrap - Extracts essence from AS-02 Essence Component files.

kmfilegen - Writes and verifies large files using a platform-independent format. Use it to test issues related to large files.

kmuuidgen, kmrandgen - generate UUID values and random numbers.

wavesplit - Splits a WAVE file into two or more output files. Used to untangle incorrectly-paired DCDM sound files.

blackwave - Write a WAVE file of zeros.

pinkwave - Write a WAVE file of SMPTE ST 2095 pink noise.

j2c-test - Displays information about JP2K codestreams.


An experimental feature, Prototype for High Dynamic Range is a wrapper for the IMF application that allows JPEG-2000 codestreams to be paired with opaque blobs of metadata. AS-02 support must be enabled to build this feature, so --enable-as-02 must be enabled if --enable-phdr is to be used. The following executable programs will be built:

phdr-wrap - Writes AS-02 PHDR Essence Component files.

phdr-unwrap - Extracts essence from AS-02 PHDR Essence Component files.

Historical Notes

This work was originally funded by Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI). Subsequent efforts have been funded by Deluxe Laboratories, Doremi Labs, CineCert LLC, Avica Technology and others.

The asdcplib project was originally exchanged by FTP. The project was on SourceForge between 2005 and 2008, when it moved to a release-only distribution via CineCert. As of late February 2019, its new home is on github.

In the earliest days, the project depended upon the mxflib project. Because of its focus on covering the whole of the MXF specifications, mxflib is considerably larger and more complex that what was required for the AS-DCP application. For this reason I developed a dedicated MXF implementation. Special thanks to Matt Beard and Oliver Morgan for their great work and support.

Thanks also to the members of the SMPTE DC28.20 packaging ad-hoc group and the members of the MXF Interop Initiative for their encouragement and support. Special thanks to Jim Whittlesey and Howard Lukk at DCI for proposing and supporting this project.