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python implementation of a photo mosaic software
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This software enables the creation of photo mosaics, based on image retrieval techniques.

For feature extraction, the RGB as well as the HSV average colors in the image are retrieved and added to a index.


Python 2.x, Python OpenCV bindings, numpy

On debian based systems, you can simply type

sudo apt-get install python python-numpy python-opencv

How to run

  • Clone this repo, or download the tarball.
  • Create a directory called images
  • Put your library for the mosaic images there. An example image set can be found here
  • Run python (only first time, or on every library update)
  • Run python inputimage.jpg 20 rgb mymosaic.jpg

This creates an index over the given library and stiches a mosaic with tiles of the size 20x20 based on the inputimage.jpg.




20x20, 10x10, 5x5 tiles

input input input

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