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Word! Automating a Hip-hop word of the day blog

PyCon Canada 2016, November 13th 2016


Have you ever been surprised by sophisticated vocabulary used by some hip-hop artists? With standard data science tools, I search a large corpus of hip-hop lyrics in order to extract rhyming couplets that include uncommon and interesting words. Using curated output from this code, I demonstrate how to automate the creation of short text-based posts for a hip-hop themed "Word of the Day" blog.


In this notebook, I go from raw text files of rap lyrics scraped (using curl) from and try to extract rare and interesting words in order to prepare data for the website RapWords ( Specifically, I choose a rhyme by "Nas" in the song "Memory Lane" that includes the word trifle, which I process with a series of functions in order to produce HTML for a blog post. Humorously, the script detects that "trifle" is a noun based on the limited information in the sentence, rather than a verb, hence the final image in the document (what Nas might've actually meant!).


This notebook was written with Python 3.5 with Jupyter 1.0.0. There are several additional libraries used in this talk,