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a spatial playlist manager
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Cherry is an experiment: a spatial playlist editor. [See it in action here.] (

You might think of this project as a cross between a music player and a window manager. Like all good ideas, this one comes from a problem I had: I used to make mix CDs for friends and family, and I wanted an easy way to see how it sounded to move clumps of songs around within the mix. So in Cherry, the playlist reigns supreme.

  • Create playlists by dragging songs straight into the workspace from the library or from other playlists.
  • Dock playlists by dragging playlists right against each other. Cherry will advance into the next playlist automatically.


Ain't nothin' to it. You can pull this repository and drop it at the location of your choosing, though you'll have to change the Google API key on line 7 of javascripts/yt.js. If you want to play with the styles, I recommend using in order to compile the SCSS. [See it in action here.] (

This is licensed under the [Mozilla Public License 2.0] (

To come

  • Full playlist controls on top
  • Party Mode, with the YouTube frame full-screen in another window
  • Finer-grained playlist control: split, merge, ...
  • Multiple workspaces and saving workspaces to server
  • ... and more ...


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