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Cinq's Hadoop Application Monitoring
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Cinq's Hadoop Application Monitoring

Monitoring application results is a bit trickier than monitoring that some services are up and working.

You can monitor with

  • Logs
  • Output
  • Return code


Contains how and what the running application did. There can be pattern that we want to see and patterns that means that some processing did not work as expected.


  • ssh
  • file system (includes NFS mount)


  • Hadoop
  • Application
    • driver
    • executor

Pattern Matching

Regex is a way to have pattern matching but can it do multiple lines? TODO: Regex for multiple line patterns

  • Pattern for success
  • Pattern for failure


Since Hadoop is a Java based application there is a lot of exception that can happen and we need to know what to do with those.


The application is running to produce some results that we expect. We can look at different aspects of the output to determine if the application completed the tasks as expected.

  • Size of the output
  • Output patterns
  • System state that changed

Return Code

Typically when the application returns a zero as the return code we expect that everything worked normally. A non-zero return code means that something went wrong. Yarn will mark a job failed if it has returned anything else than a zero.

TODO: Find example where this is not happening and figure out why

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