Emacs Korean Calendar Extras: Korean-localized calendar
Emacs Lisp Ruby



This is Korean-localized extras for GNU Emacs calendar, inspired by cal-china-x.

This package provides following features:

  • Korean holidays
  • Korean Month names (e.g. "2012년 5월" instead "May 2012")
  • Convering Gregorian date into Korean lunar date.
  • Goto Gregorian date from Korean lunar date.

Why don't use Chinese lunar Calendar?

Mostly, the Korean lunar calenar is almost the same as Chinese one. However, there are few difference since the standard meridian of two countries are different.


  1. Download the source and put somewhere you want to. I sugggest to install in $HOME/.emacs.d/cal-korea-x.

    $ git clone http://github.com/cinsk/cal-korea-x.git $HOME/.emacs.d/cal-korea-x
  2. Add following code in your init file (.emacs or .emacs.d/init.el)

    (add-to-list `load-path (expand-file-name "~/.emacs.d/cal-korea-x"))
    (require 'cal-korea-x)
    (setq holiday-general-holidays cal-korea-x-korean-holidays)


After installation, M-x calendar automatically uses Korean display name for calendar.

  • p K displays the Korean lunar date for the current date.
  • g K accepts the Korean lunar date and goto the corresponding Gregorian date.

Implementation Consideration

There are a few known formula to convert the Gregorian and Korean lunar date and vice vesa. However, according to Korean Astronomy & Space Science Information, there is no perfect formular for the conversion.

That's why this package uses pre-calculated table from the institution.