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ciotlosm Alarm card updated to 0.4.0 (#192)
* Get rid of memory leak

* Add requested changes for labels and hide/show buttons

* Remove console.log messages

* Add label method

* Handle translations

* Fix labels documentation.

* Address PR comments.

* Added changelog and version updates
Latest commit baf4f46 Sep 12, 2018


Alarm control panel card

Alarm control panel card allows you to control alarm_control_panel domain alarms.



Name Type Default Description
type string Required custom:alarm_control_panel-card
entity string Required An entity_id from alarm_control_panel domain. Example: 'alarm_control_panel.alarm'
title string optional A title for the alarm
hide_keypad boolean false Force hiding of number keypad
display_letters boolean false Show letters on keypad
scale string 15px Allows you to scale the alarm panel
states list optional A list of possible arm buttons. Supports arm_home, arm_away, arm_night, arm_custom_bypass.
style string optional Allows to override some default styles. Example --alarm-color-disarmed: var(--label-badge-blue);
auto_enter object optional Options to auto arm and disarm. See auto_enter options.
labels object optional Labels that augment/override defaults.
show_label_ids boolean optional Allow displaying label constants (when setting to true) to be able to map your own translations under labels. Defaults to false.

auto_enter options:

Name Type Default Description
code_length integer Required When number of digits entered system will arm/disarm
arm_action string Required Action to invoke when after digits entered. Can be any of the same values as states above.

labels: The labels to display. Label name and value. See example.


- type: custom:alarm_control_panel-card
  entity: alarm_control_panel.alarm
  show_keypad: true
  title: My Alarm
  style: '--alarm-color-disarmed: var(--label-badge-blue);'
    - arm_home
    - arm_away
    ui.card.alarm_control_panel.code: Inserire un codice a 4 cifre
    state.alarm_control_panel.arm_away: Away!!