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The target of this project is to check the feasibility of implementing a wikipedia offline reader for zim files using Phonegap on android. Next step would then to define and implement the zim API calls and to extend it to other platforms.

Open Issues

Load images

How to load images from zimfile in phonegap. (=webview). Some potential methods considered:

Purely in javascript

That is, plugin only provides api call which returns image data Definitely better reuse and less effort, but feasibility very questionable. Variants:

  1. Object URLs See Appearantly file can only be from file selection dialog. (some option to create file objects only for mozilla plugins (security) (However, may be possible to define it in java code. See also probably not supported with android browser probably slow
  2. Replace image links with data urls (See also 2. below) Works without plugin support: start some thread which traverses all image tags and replace source with base64 encoded string
    Currently implemented. Not working that bad.

With plugin support

  1. contentprovider

    Like Note that at least this example implies saving files to disk. (as in c)) (Actually this seems to a workaround for old android version not being able to open file:// urls in webview
    Something about using same approach, but not storing data in file: (but in socket, not really that nice...)

  2. inject image data in html on load

    Probably slow and may not work: * example: Something similar in qt: assignToHTMLImageElement

  3. same as 2., but don't load everything on load

  4. save to local file system

    Main disadvantage is higher complexity, because local file cache needs to be maintained. Would make sense to keep as simple as possible, but still extra complexity: For example cleanup after application crash on next app start, or what happens if multiple activities active?

  5. By using WebViewClient.shouldInterceptRequest

    Nice solution, but two major issues:

    1. Only one WebViewClient can be used per webview, phonegap already uses webviewclient. (Would need to be added to phonegap, similar to shouldOverrideUrlLoading (see below))
    2. API-Level 11 => Honeycomb or newer !
  6. Intercept urls

    Example for qt webview: Apparently not possible in android See also (same problem, but no real solution)

  7. webkit browser plugin (NPAPI?)

    Not sure whether possible to interact with javascript.

  8. Other? E.g. how is kiwix doing it?

Note that this image issues also exists for a native android app. (only shouldInterceptRequest easier to use, but this is anyway only possible for future devices (only tablets right now).


For example article Graz in wikipedia-de.zim:

~20s (without images)

Test mobile phone: Orange Boston running Android Eclair.

Problem is skipping through the compressed stream. (~1mb chunks, article graz pretty at end of chunk)

Potential solutions:

  1. Perhaps newer android versions/more modern devices fast enough.

    Test phone is pretty low end, uses old android version (Eclair) without a just-in-timer compiler. Newer android versions should be faster. However, rather something like 400% boost to expected, which would not be enough.

  2. Reduce cluster size in zim files.

    Would reduce compression rate as well.

  3. Use native lib.

    Extra effort (not available right now, but in particular much worse maintenance)
    Could use native zimlib (Perhaps porting not that much effort as newer ndks (>= dec 2010) apparently support stl. Other variant is to only use native xz-library (or even only some parts of it)

Note that performance is not only related to loading of article from zim file:

For example on orange boston load of Graz/wikipedia-de.zim:

Load time 21260 ms
	 readfrom zim 17.4 s
	 toString 0.2 s
	 PluginResult(=JSON encoding) 0.9 s
	 Other (javascript?)  ~ 3.7 s
Render time 485 ms 

Native readfrom zim should be in range of 200 ms. Therefore at least for newer mobiles phones, expected that acceptable article load time can be reached. TODO confirm on Galaxy S.

Open links

Not exactly unsolvable, but still needs to be decided how to handle this:

  1. use some javascript to handle url. (add javascript to index.html)

  2. Start new activity for link (default behavior). not working yet, see error message:

    //01-11 12:37:09.895: INFO/System.out(1714): startActivityForResult(intent,-1)
    //01-11 12:37:09.905: INFO/ActivityManager(1291): Starting activity: Intent { cmp=com.trial.phonegap.plugin.zim/com.phonegap.DroidGap (has extras) }
    //01-11 12:37:09.905: INFO/System.out(1714): Error loading url into DroidGap - file:///android_asset/www/Gemeinderat+(%C3%96sterreich):android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: Unable to find explicit activity class {com.trial.phonegap.plugin.zim/com.phonegap.DroidGap}; have you declared this activity in your AndroidManifest.xml?
  3. Use plugin shouldOverrideUrlLoading

    Not in phonegap 1.0.0, but available in head revisions