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Add a simple heart button to let people tell you they love your WordPress content.

Contributors: Robert Neu
Requires: WordPress 4.5
Tested up to: WordPress 4.5
License: MIT


HeartThis adds a minimalistic "heart" button to let your visitors tell you when they really enjoy your content. It works similar to the way hearts on Twitter or Likes on Facebook work.

When a user clicks the heart button, their vote is counted and displayed as a single heart. HeartThis comes with a built-in popular posts widget that sorts posts based on the number of hearts they have. You can also use the saved "hearts" information in your own custom themes and plugins however you like.

HeartThis has the ability to automatically display hearts at the bottom of any post type, which can be selected from the options screen inside the WordPress admin dashboard. If you'd like more control over where and how your hearts display, you can also use the [heart_this] shortcode or heart_this_hearts() template tag to display them inside your content or theme.



The best way to install this plugin is to either download a copy from the repository or search for "HeartThis" from your WordPress admin dashboard.


If you're a developer, the most current version can be found on the develop branch. Pull requests, issues, and any feedback is more than welcome. If you would like to contribute code, please make your pull requests against the develop branch rather than the master.

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