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- Icons for the remaining actions.
- Add toolbars for keychain, account, and transaction actions.
- Add account selection drop down in Transactions tab.
- Add option to automatically open whatever vault was open last time application closed. Remember full application state (open tab, selected items) and reload accordingly.
- Remember recently opened vaults, add shortcuts to File menu.
- Add Save As... option to file menu.
- Allow account selection from drop down in Create Transaction dialog. Use selected account as default.
- Redesign dialog layouts (Create Transaction and Request Payment in particular).
- Prompt user to select account if more than one account exists when opening a payment url.
- Remove extraneous, unused objects from UI classes.
- Use timer to explicitly request transactions in merkle block if sync gets stuck because the bitcoin node already sent us the transactions when a different vault or no vault was open.
- Filter the mempool ourselves.