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@@ -4,25 +4,10 @@ TODO
- Make account creation simpler and more intuitive (including a "wizard" for typical account types)
- When a transaction is still missing signatures, rather than just showing "Unsigned" show which keychains must still sign.
- Change focus to Account tab when a new account has just been created and select the new account.
- Disable "Create Account" when no keychains are selected."
- Icons for the remaining actions.
- Add toolbars for keychain, account, and transaction actions.
- Make table data noneditable except for names and labels, update database and views when names and labels are modified.
* Done for KeychainModel and AccountModel
TODO: notify MainWindow of changes, update
TODO: TxModel - make labels editable.
- Export all script labels for account, including request labels.
- Add account selection drop down in Transactions tab.
- Add option to automatically open whatever vault was open last time application closed. Remember full application state (open tab, selected items) and reload accordingly.
@@ -31,8 +16,6 @@ UI
- Add Save As... option to file menu.
- Require exactly one account to be selected always, unless no account exists.
- Allow account selection from drop down in Create Transaction dialog. Use selected account as default.
- Redesign dialog layouts (Create Transaction and Request Payment in particular).
@@ -41,12 +24,10 @@ UI
- Remove extraneous, unused objects from UI classes.
- Force splashscreen it stay up for a minimum of x seconds.
- Add notifyError event to CoinQ_peer_io and handle error logging higher up the stack.
- Use timer to explicitly request transactions in merkle block if sync gets stuck because the bitcoin node already sent us the transactions when a different vault or no vault was open.
- Create datadir. Place debug.log and blockchain.dat in datadir.
- Filter the mempool ourselves.

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