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sudo apt-get install libjson-perl libfile-slurp-perl
cd && git clone
cd ~/mmtools/mpm
vi mpm
my $cex_apikey = "Binance API Key";
my $cex_seckey = "Binance API secret";

~/mmtools/mpm/mpm coinpaprika binance

  • sets prices for all coins from mpm.conf in mm2 (base is KMD) and uses coinpaprika as price source
  • sets KMD/BTC bids/asks with size $quantity, $quantity/2 and $quantity/4 in Binance

cmcid/papid in mpm.conf are taken from and
If bidmargin or askmargin is not set, bid/ask will not be set

can be started with stdbuf -oL nohup ~/mmtools/mpm/ > /tmp/mpm.log & in the background and will update the prices every minute
tail -f /tmp/mpm.log to watch mpm TV
config file ~/mmtools/mpm/mpm.conf can be edited and prices will be updated without the need to restart

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