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This release updates the circe version to 0.9.0-M1 and adds three new features:

  • @BenFradet added parsers that hide the details of chunking (see #5 and #6). This is now the default, and the parsers that consume chunks now have a C suffix.
  • @BenFradet also added an encoding pipe (see #8 and #10).
  • @aliyakamercan added parsers that support non-UnwrapArray Jawn streaming parser modes (see #11).

Thanks to Ben and Ali for these changes, and also to Ben for updating the README (#13) and handling other maintenance (#12, etc.).

Note that this release still depends on fs2 0.9.x, since 0.10 is currently only available as a milestone. Please follow #7 for updates on the fs2 version.