Document automatic derivation more completely #27

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circe's automatic derivation module provides some interesting (and I think unusual) functionality that's barely documented right now, including incomplete case class instances and patch instances.

I want to create a new README under the generic directory that describes this functionality more completely.


👍 From my understanding, the generic pacakge is a killer feature of circe. It somehow defines a new (and awesome) approach of dealing with JSON encoding/decoding. We should spread the world about it!

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@crispywalrus crispywalrus pushed a commit to flyingwalrusllc/circe that referenced this issue May 16, 2016
@rossabaker rossabaker A mostly clean room reimplementation of Or.
Implements feedback from #11.  Specifically:
1. LOr and ROr move to `Or.LeftOr` and `Or.RightOr`.
2. Constructors are still public, but `left` and `right` preserved in
   `OrFunctions` to infer `Or`.  Use what you like.
3. Only the Scaladoc is ripped from Scalaz.

Also tries to adhere to the emerging consensus on #27.

Preliminar benchmarking showed monomorphism is faster than polymorphism,
and that implementing other operations using fold/bimap is immeasurable.
The second finding is dubious with respect to allocations.  If someone
can prove these guilty via benchmark, we can revisit.

I'd like to add tests after #29 happens.
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