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CircleCI Documentation

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This is the public repository for CircleCI Docs, a static website generated by Jekyll. If you find any errors in our docs or have suggestions, please follow our Contributing Guide to submit an issue or pull request.

Documentation Components

This repository houses and manages several arms of documentation for CircleCI. This section will provide a brief overview of each "component" and how to get started with making changes.

/Jekyll - Main Site

This is the main CircleCI documentation site. This is built with Jekyll and houses the majority of our documentation. Other branches of documentation (src-api, src-crg, etc) eventually get moved into this folder (in our build process) and integrated into the Jekyll Site.

We also have an automated code review tool setup, so it will run markdownlint on your PR and review for any markdown style violations. The rules are located at .markdownlint.jsonc . You can also fix most of the violations automatically.

/src-api - API v1.1 and v2 Build Tooling

Our API documentation source can be found in this folder.

API v1 is written by hand, and compiled to work with Slate. The compilation and deployment of v1 is handled by our .circleci/config.yml, which calls our build_api_docs script. If you need to make changes to our V1 documentation, go to src-api/source/includes and make changes as needed in the markdown files.

API v2 is compiled from an OpenAPI spec. We use Redoc to compile our spec into a webpage. To see the compilation process, refer to and our .circleci/config.yml. If you need to make changes to the output site, you will likely need to make source code changes to the API, where the docs are generated from.

Testing Checklist

To allow for more flexibility, please find the checklist inside our confluence space.

License Information

Documentation (guides, references, and associated images) is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA. The full license can be found here, and the human-readable summary here.

Everything in this repository not covered above is licensed under the included MIT license.