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Setting Up A Demo

There are 7 steps to setting up a demo.

NOTE: assumes BSD (mac) sed

  1. Register a domain name of your choice like
  2. Create instance of CCIE, give it a hostname like
    • Follow the instructions here to create an instance of CCIE
  3. Create a Launch Configuration using t2.small/t2.micro instances. Under advanced options the user data must look like example 1 below. Subsitute the name fantasticorp-home with the name of the ecs cluster you wish the instances to join.
  4. Create an autoscaling group out of your launch configuration.
  5. Create an ELB for the ECS service:
  6. Register a AWS ECS cluster and service
  7. Point your domain name to the elb fronting the ECS service
  8. Copy the secrets.template file to a file named secrets
  9. (Optional) Create a Trello account to demo integrating with Trello (leave all TRELLO_* env vars unset to skip)
  10. Fill in the file secrets
  11. Run ./

Example 1


echo ECS_CLUSTER=fantasticorp-home > /etc/ecs/ecs.config