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(ns frontend.pusher
(:require [cljs.core.async :as async :refer [>! <! alts! chan sliding-buffer close!]]
[frontend.async :refer [put!]]
[clojure.string :as string]
[om.core :as om :include-macros true]
[frontend.utils :as utils :include-macros true]
[frontend.utils.state :as state-utils]
[frontend.utils.vcs-url :as vcs-url]
[secretary.core :as sec])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :as am :refer [go go-loop alt!]]))
(defn endpoint-info [ws-endpoint]
(let [uri (goog.Uri. ws-endpoint)]
{:wsHost (.getDomain uri)
;; Pusher library is a bit quirky and we can submit both wsPort and wssPort :/
;; encrypted is what determines which to use
:wsPort (.getPort uri)
:wssPort (.getPort uri)
:encrypted (= "wss" (.getScheme uri))
:enabledTransports ["ws"]
;; If using a custom endpoint - don't send connection stats to pusher
:disableStats true}))
(defn pusher-object-config [config]
(as-> config c
(dissoc c :key :ws_endpoint)
(merge {:encrypted true
:auth {:params {:CSRFToken (utils/csrf-token)}}
:authEndpoint "/auth/pusher"}
(when-let [endpoint (:ws_endpoint config)]
(endpoint-info endpoint))
(defn new-pusher-instance [config]
(aset (aget js/window "Pusher") "channel_auth_endpoint" "/auth/pusher")
(let [pusher-config (pusher-object-config config)]
(js/Pusher. (:key config) (clj->js pusher-config))))
(defn user-channel [user]
(str "private-" (:pusher_id user)))
(defn build-parts-from-channel [channel-name]
(let [[_ username project build-num vcs-type]
(re-find #"^(?:private-)?([^@]+?)@([^@]+?)@(\d+?)(?:@vcs-(github|bitbucket))?(?:@(?:\d+?|all))?$" channel-name)]
(when (and username project build-num)
{:username username
:project project
:build-num (js/parseInt build-num)
:vcs-type (or vcs-type "github")})))
(defn build-channel-base
[{:keys [username project build-num vcs-type]
:or {vcs-type "github"}}]
(let [project-prefix (str "private-" username "@" project)
vcs-str (str "vcs-" (name vcs-type))]
(str project-prefix "@" build-num "@" vcs-str)))
(def obsolete-build-channel build-channel-base)
(defn build-container-channel
[{:keys [container-index] :as parts}]
(str (build-channel-base parts) "@" (or container-index 0)))
(defn build-all-channel
(str (build-channel-base parts) "@all"))
(defn build-channels-from-parts
(let [obsolete-channel (obsolete-build-channel parts)
container-channel (build-container-channel parts)
all-channel (build-all-channel parts)]
[obsolete-channel container-channel all-channel]))
(defn build-channels
([build container-index]
(build-channels-from-parts (state-utils/build-parts build container-index)))
(build-channels-from-parts (state-utils/build-parts build))))
(def container-messages [:build/new-action
(def build-messages [:build/update
;; TODO: use the same event names on the backend as we do on the frontend
(def event-translations
{:build/new-action "newAction"
:build/update-action "updateAction"
:build/append-action "appendAction"
:build/update "updateObservables"
:build/add-messages "maybeAddMessages"
:build/test-results "fetchTestResults"
;; this is kind of special, it can call any function on the old window.VM
;; luckily, it only calls refreshBuildState
:refresh "call"})
(defn subscribe
"Subscribes to channel and binds to events. Takes a pusher-instance,
a channel-name, a list of messages to subscribe to and a websocket
channel. Will put data from the pusher events onto the websocket
channel with the message. Returns the channel."
[pusher-instance channel-name ws-ch & {:keys [messages context]}]
(let [channel (.subscribe pusher-instance channel-name)]
(doseq [message messages
:let [pusher-event (get event-translations message)]]
(.bind channel pusher-event #(put! ws-ch [message {:data %
:channel-name channel-name
:context context}])))
(.bind channel "pusher:subscription_error"
#(put! ws-ch [:subscription-error {:channel-name channel-name
:status %}]))
(defn unsubscribe [pusher-instance channel-name]
(.unsubscribe pusher-instance channel-name))
(defn subscribed-channels [pusher-instance]
(-> pusher-instance (aget "channels") (aget "channels") js-keys set))