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What is Blueprint41?

.NET ORM for Neo4j Graph Database

It has support for defining the object model as a schema. It supports refactor scripts written in CSharp, which you can add to your project. When you run your program with an older version of the graph, the upgrade script will automatically be executed against the graph. It also supports the generation of type-safe data objects, so you know at compile time if your code is compatible with the latest upgrades.

Who should use Blueprint41?

  • You are a DOT NET developer
  • You want to write an application that uses Neo4j

Why should I use Blueprint41?

  • It will map your graph to objects, just like an ORM
  • No need for any hard coded magic strings, full type safety and full intellisense
  • Refactor your data/database directly from C# without using Cypher queries
  • Write your data model only once, and let Blueprint41 keep your data objects and database content in sync
  • Support for CRUD manipulations and optimized queries for reading (CQRS)
  • Out of the box support for event handling

Why is it called Blueprint41?

  • A database schema is the blueprint of a data model.
  • Neo (from the Matrix) is also called "the One".
  • Blueprint For (4) the One (1).

Getting the Library

Blueprint41 ships as a NuGet package.

To install it, run Install-Package Blueprint41 (you can supply a specific version number also if you do not want to automatically use the latest version) in the NuGet Package Manager Console.

Get started with Blueprint41.