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Extension and Plugins

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Neo4j Plugins

Before getting started with Blueprint41 we must first install required plugins for Neo4j.


  • Download Blueprint41 plugin here.
  • Download APOC plugin here.
  1. After you've downloaded the plugins, stop the neo4j service.
  2. Put the plugins (jar-file) into your <neo4j-home>\plugins folder (e.g C:\neo4j\plugins).
  3. Start the neo4j service.

Important: When using Neo4j 3.2 and above, security for procedures and functions has increased. To allow procedures, edit the configuration file <neo4j-home>\conf\neo4j.conf with*,blueprint41.*. See Neo4j APOC Procedures.

Blueprint41 Visual Studio Extension

  • The Blueprint41 visual studio extension contains a project template that helps to organized your projects and items in your solution.
  • The project template will create "{ProjectName}.Generated" and "{ProjectName}.Model" projects.
  • "{ProjectName}.Model" project will contain your datastore model definition (Datastore.cs).
  • "{ProjectName}.Generated" project will contain all the generated type-safe models based on the datastore model definition in the "{ProjectName}.Model" project.


You can download Blueprint41 visual studio extension here.

  1. Installing Blueprint41 visual studio extension.

Blueprint41 VSIX

  1. Updating configuration for Visual Studio.

Blueprint41 VSIX

  1. Installation Complete.


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