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Graph Modeller

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Why Model?


It is tempting today to model the data as you go. Schema-less or self-describing data helps a piece of the way. But you are still at risk of using bad assumptions and create flaws. For example not realizing that you are looking at a many-to-many relationship can be a difficult structural flaw to change two months down the line.

Since a data model is meant to communicate to people, you must be as visually mesmerizing as you can do it. Using graphs to represent data models really changes the way we look at data models.

What is Graph Modeller?

Graph Modeller is a tool that allows developers to model their graph database, visually represented by circles and arrows. It also enables non-developers to give feedback about the model to check if it represents the model of their business to improve the quality of the model.

"Visualizing structure and meaning is the goal; because that focus greatly improves the communication to business stakeholders as well as to developers." -


Graph Modeller can:

  • Design future graph database model
  • Generate code based on the model

Before we proceed, there are some terms that we need to explain.