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Theme for the the learning javascript in magento 2 series
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Learning Javascript in Magento 2

This is an example theme to follow along with my tutorial series covering the use of Javascript in Magento 2. The master branch has the minimun required files to register your theme. Each branch will match the blog post with the final code of the tutorial. There is no need to have copy this repo to follow along,each post will cover all the needed code. This repo exists as a reference for the work we are doing along the way.

The blog series began with this post about Magento 2 and Require JS. There is no code associated with that post.

Getting Started

Clone this repo into your Magento install at {magento_root}/app/design/frontend with git clone from the command line.

Once the code is there, you can set the theme in the admin at Content -> Configuration and set the theme there. After that, you can checkout to the respective branch that has the content you are working on for that blog post.


You will need to have a working development install of Magento 2 with sample data installed.

I really like [Mark Shust's Docker Magento 2 project] ( In the blog posts, this is what I will be using. Of course there is no requirement to use this, please use whatever development platform you like.


Want to help out? Have some edits or improvements? Let me know.


  • Mike Stacey


This project is free to use as you see fit.


  • Maki and Sun Tzu
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