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IRONdb release 0.15.3 includes native prometheus support

The irondb-prometheus-adapter is deprecated by native IRONdb support. Users are encouraged to switch to native ingestion which has improved performance. This adapter will receive minimal support going forward.


Prometheus Adapter to IRONdb.

Requires IRONdb >= v0.12.0. Requires Go >= 1.10.

Also check out our launch blog post!

Docker Image Pull

You can now install the irondb-prometheus-adapter container image from dockerhub with the below command:

docker pull irondb/irondb-prometheus-adapter
docker run -p1234:8080 irondb/irondb-prometheus-adapter:latest -addr :1234 -log debug -snowth


Included is a Makefile which will perform all the build tasks you will need in order to build this service. Below is a quick outline of typical build cases:

make clean # clean and remove prior exe
make build # will build `irondb-prometheus-adapter` exe
make docker # will build a docker scratch container with irondb-prometheus-adapter inside


After building, you can run in two ways, directly or through docker:

docker run -d -p8080:8080 irondb-prometheus-adapter:<commit_id>
# the above will run irondb-prometheus-adapter in a container
docker run -p1234:8080 irondb-prometheus-adapter:860a64f4e9d793beaef25196e36a35da1480d88b -addr :1234 -log debug -snowth http:
# the above shows an example of specifying custom command with non-default args

# the above will run irondb-prometheus-adapter outside of a container


-addr :8080

The above will set the server to listen on port 8080.

-log debug

The above will set the server to use debug logging. Log levels supported are:

  • debug
  • warn
  • error
  • off

-snowth -snowth

The above will setup two base snowth endpoints that the service will use to communicate with. You can specify multiple -snowth params if you know of more than one in a given topology. The server will interrogate the listed snowth servers to figure out other nodes in the topology.


There are three endpoints currently:

POST /prometheus/2.0/write/:account/:check_uuid/:check_name
POST /prometheus/2.0/read/:account/:check_uuid/:check_name
GET /health-check

The /health-check endpoint will return with a "message", "commitID" and "buildTime" in the response.

The write endpoint will take in prometheus encoded metric data, and convert it to IRONdb encoded flatbuffer data and submit to the snowth nodes.

The read endpoint will pull IRONdb encoded metric data from the snowth nodes and convert it to prometheus encoded metric data for response to the caller.


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