Google Assistant integration with Circuit
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Circuit Virtual Assistant

Integration between Circuit and Google Home (Google Virtual Assistant). Google Conversation Actions are built using DialogFlow. The exported DialogFlow agent is available as

You don't need a Google Home. Google Assistant also works on any Android and even iOS phone, the web simulator.

How it works

Google Assistant listens for and Invocation Name (e.g. Unify Circuit) to start the app and listens for commands. Once a match to an intent is found, the intent can either be handled on DialogFlow directly or by this node application via webhooks. The first time you launch the "Circuit Communicator", account linking is done via OAuth.

Available in Google Assistant Store

Current version in store only works with system.


Getting Started


Copy config.json.template as config.json and enter your credentials. You can request Circuit credentials at

// Get your own credentials at
  "oauth": {
    "client_id": "<your Client ID>",
    "domain": ""

Run the node app

The node app needs to be publicly accessible for Google Home to call your webhooks. That means to either host the app (heroku, aws, google cloud, etc) or a much better solution for development is ngrok. The webhook url then needs to be entered on DialogFlow's fullfillment page.

    git clone
    cd circuit-google-assistant
    npm install
    npm start