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Deprecated - not needed anymore starting Chrome 73

Since Chrome 73, an extension is not needed anymore to access the desktop stream.

Chrome Extension for Circuit SDK Screenshare

If you are using the Circuit SDK in your web application and would like to provide your users the capability to share the screen or an application, then you are at the right place.

You have two options:

  • Use this exact extension from the Chrome WebStore which is branded as Circuit SDK and requires wildcard permissions
  • Clone this repo and brand it for your web application and limit the premissions to your domain

The first option is the simplest and probably enough to play with screenshare. But once you productize your application, you may want to brand it with your name and icon, and more importantly change the wildcard permissions to only allow your domain.

This extension has been submitted, but is not yet available in the WebStore. Check again in a couple of days.


In the manifest.json file:

  • Change the name, version, description, short_name
  • Change the wildcard permission https://*/* to your domain, e.g. https://**. For more information on permissions see Declare Permissions.
  • Change the icons in the img folder

Load the extension for development

Navigate to chrome://extensions, enable Developer mode, click Load your unpacked extension and navigating to the chrome-ext folder you modified.

Run the screenshare example

A screenshare example is available here with a live example here.

Productize your branded extension

To productize your branded extension you will need to publish it to the Chrome WebStore. This is the only support distribution channel by Google.

Read Publish your app for instructions.



Deprecated - not needed anymore starting Chrome 73






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