Node.js application for virtual appointments with doctors. Uses Circuit Node.js SDK and the Circuit Guest Access feature with its WebRTC capability. Client app built with vue.js and
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Virtual Patient Clinic

Patients get a url for virtual appointment with which they are connected to the clinic operator. The clinic operator sees all patients with their doctor to be seen and can then connect a patient to the doctor.

Prior to connecting a patient to a doctor the communication is done via, without Circuit involvement. Once the operator connects the patient with a doctor, the patient make use of Circuit's guest feature. A bot is monitoring the calls which is how the operators console is kept up to date.

Future enhancements:

  • messaging between operator and patient, prior to connecting to doctor
  • Provide patient dial in number in addition to url
  • Circuit integration into the operator console so that operator can easily communicate with doctors

Live demo

Virtual Patient Clinic

Getting Started

Rename config.json.template to config.json and add your bot credentials. Edit appointments.json with your appointments. In real life this would pull from the clinic database.

Install the app

    git clone
    cd virtual-patient-clinic
    cp config.json.template config.json
    // Add your bot credentials to config.json
    // Edit appointments.json with userId of your doctors
    npm install
    node server.js
    // Open browsers at http://localhost:3000 and http://localhost:3000/operator