This is the Arduino library to use with the ADC Nanoshield (ADS1015 and ADS1115 ICs).
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This is the Arduino software library to access the ADC Nanoshield (ADS1x15 IC) from Texas Instruments.

Library features include:

  • Analog to digital conversion with 16 bits resolution.
  • Continuous mode to capture measures with a given sample rate.
  • Gain adjust to pair the signal magnitude with the resolution.
  • Differential voltage measurements.
  • High threshold setting to trigger interruptions.

To install, just click Download ZIP and install it using Sketch > Include Library... > Add .ZIP Library in the Arduino IDE.

This library is based on the Adafruit_ADS1X15 library from Adafruit.

The following examples are provided:

  • Voltage: read a voltage in single-ended mode.
  • VoltageWithHighGain: read a voltage in single-ended mode with a high gain. Increasing the gain allows reading smaller voltages with increased resolution.
  • Voltage4Ch: read four voltages in a single ADC Nanoshield.
  • Voltage16Ch: using multiple boards. Read sixteen voltages across four units of the ADC Nanoshield. Make sure that the jumpers for the I2C address are properly configured to support this example.
  • DifferentialVoltage: read a differential voltage between inputs 2 (+) and 3 (-). The channels can be easily changed to 0 (+) and 1 (-).
  • Read4to20mA: how to read data from industrial 4-20mA sensors (or 4-20mA "transmistters"). Make sure to use the 4-20 ADC Nanoshield board for this example.
  • ContinuousMode: read data in continuous mode to achieve high sample rates.
  • ContinuousMode4Ch: read multiple channels in continuous mode.
  • Comparator: trigger interruptions on arduino using the ADC Nanoshield in comparator mode.
  • RawAdcValue: read the raw ADC value in single-ended mode.

Original work Copyright (c) 2012, Adafruit Industries Modified work Copyright (c) 2014 Circuitar All rights reserved.

This software is released under a BSD license. See the attached LICENSE file for details.