A temperature logger with date and time.
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This is a project used to monitor temperature using a thermocouple and logging it in EEPROM along with date and time taken from an RTC.

This was built and tested using Nanoshields from http://www.circuitar.com.br

There are 3 subdirectories:

  • TempLog: this contains the main Arduino sketch for the TempLog project.
  • TempLogPlot: this is a python software used to plot the data collected from TempLog in real time. It is useful as a general visualization tool.
  • TempLogReset: a simple sketch to wipe out the EEPROM and clear all stored data.

To run this project you will need the following Arduino libraries (all on github):

  • Nanoshield_RTC
  • Nanoshield_EEPROM
  • Nanoshield_Thermocouple

Copyright (c) 2013 Circuitar

This software is released under an MIT license. See the attached LICENSE file for details.