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Coding Conventions

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  1. File names to be in camelCased. Example componentDefinition.js.
  2. Keep directory structure flat. Place all files within lib. Do not add a sub-directory without good reason.
  3. Ensure file's line-endings are Unix/Linux.
  4. Use 2 space indents.
  5. Strings to be defined with single-quotes
  6. Class names to be PascalCased.
  7. Keep variable names short.
  8. All statements to be terminated by a semi-colon.
  9. One class/object per file. Please avoid placing multiple class/object definitions in one file.
  10. Avoid inline requires. Declare all requires at the top of the file
  11. Understand underscore, q, async, mocha, chai and sinon.js well and use them in your code and tests.
  12. Ensure all files have 'use strict'; directive placed at the top.
  13. Avoid deeply nested closures.
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