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CircuitCoin - CIRC

CircuitCoin is a SHA256D PoW/PoS coin, which is suitable for ASIC mining. It provides benifits of holding the coins by giving the holding daily interests.

  • PoW algorithm SHA256D

  • PoW/PoS mixed

  • Total coins will be 3.125 billions

  • 90 sec PoW and PoS block target time

  • Initial PoW payout will be 512 coins

  • PoW block payout will be halved every 4 years, minimum PoW payment will be 1 coin / block

  • 6 transaction confirmations

  • 60 minted block confirmations

  • PoS will start to generate after 1 day holding.

  • 8% premine for bounties, coin maintenance and dev expenses.

  • PoS annual payout rate:

    • 1st year: 30%
    • 2nd year: 10%
    • and subsequent years: 5%

Ports: connection: 17360 RPC: 17361

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