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  1. nrf9160-feather nrf9160-feather Public

    Hardware files for the nRF9160 Feather.

    35 10

  2. nrf9160-feather-examples-and-drivers nrf9160-feather-examples-and-drivers Public

    Zephyr examples and drivers for the nRF9160 Feather

    C 35 19

  3. air-quality-wing-zephyr-demo air-quality-wing-zephyr-demo Public

    Air Quality Wing Zephyr demo utilizing a nRF52 based device or nRF9160 Feather

    C 11 2

  4. air-quality-wing-zephyr-drivers air-quality-wing-zephyr-drivers Public

    Zephyr drivers for the Air Quality Wing.

    C 11

  5. air-quality-wing-hardware air-quality-wing-hardware Public

    Hardware repository for the Air Quality Wing for Particle Mesh

    3 1

  6. zephyr-tools zephyr-tools Public

    VSCode Tools for Zephyr

    TypeScript 15 3


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