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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Simple TCP Echo Server
This example shows how you can create a simple TCP Server (an Echo Service)
utilizing the builtin Socket Components that the circuits library ships with.
from circuits import Debugger, handler
from import TCPServer
class EchoServer(TCPServer):
def on_read(self, sock, data):
"""Read Event Handler
This is fired by the underlying Socket Component when there has been
new data read from the connected client.
..note :: By simply returning, client/server socket components listen
to ValueChagned events (feedback) to determine if a handler
returned some data and fires a subsequent Write event with
the value returned.
return data
# Start and "run" the system.
# Bind to port
app = EchoServer(("", 8000), secure=True, certfile="cert.pem")