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Updated docstring for Bridge

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prologic committed Jul 23, 2014
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Bridge Component to Bridge one or more components in a single System.
That is, events in System A bridged to System B are shared. For example:
The Bridge Component is used for inter-process communications between
processes. Bridge is used internally when a Component is started in
"process mode" via :meth:`circuits.core.manager.start`. Typically a
Pipe is used as the socket transport between two sides of a Bridge
(*there must be a :class:`~Bridge` instnace on both sides*).
A <--> Bridge <--> B
Events that propagate in A, will propagate to B across the Bridge.
Events that propagate in B, will propagate to A across the Bridge.
When the Bridge is created, it will automatically attempt to send a
Hello Event to any configured nodes or on a broadcast address if no
nodes are initially configured. The default Bridge implementation
uses bidirectional pipes for high speec inter-process communications.


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