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add statsd integration #138

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we currently have events triggered and pushed in a PUB/SUB zmq socket.

We should emit various statsd calls depending on those events as well.

The part I am not sure about is if we want to have this statd as a pub/sub client (so we need to handle one more process) or make it a statsd publisher at the same level than the zmq publisher

I think the easiest way to deal with this would be to create "event emitters", where we register any kind of emmiters and provide our zmq and statds ones...

I don't think including statsd before the zmq publisher can hurt any speed anywhere


After a second look at the code, it seems that having one subscriber per plugin can be a good solution because it makes the calls asynchronous.

A plugin receives events and have a link to the circusd commands machinery to act on the stack.

We'll have a feature to load plugins when circus starts:

  • local plugins: a thread (and maybe add an inproc router for the events)
  • isolated plugin: a process

And maybe a script to run one or several plugins, given an endpoint

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