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tarekziade commented Jun 4, 2012

Configuration files and API, will gain a 'sockets' option, which is a list of sockets.

Each socket is defined by :

  • unique name (likely the section name)
  • host
  • port
  • family (default: AF_INET)
  • type (default: SOCK_STREAM)
  • options (default SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEADDR)


host = localhost
port = 8080

When Circus starts, it creates and bind + listen on the defined sockets.

Each socket is accessible by any process under any watchers, as long as the watcher section has the "use_sockets" flag enabled

Seeing a socket means that the process will be able to get a list of FDs with the socket name, and decide what to do.

Circus will also let the watchers use a socket fd value in the cmd line. example:


use_sockets = true
cmd = someserver --fd {SOCKET:web}

One use case -- a web worker - see, so Circus can act as a pre-fork web server

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tarekziade commented Jun 6, 2012

Chaussette, uWsgi and Meinheld trunk have the fd feature that makes them compatible.

myroslav commented Jun 6, 2012

I'd suggest looking into systemd socket activation ( to borrow ideas or build upon them.

The python approach to systemd socket activation support can be looked up at

IMHO there is some overlap between Circus functionality and systemd --user mode functionality.

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Socket #154

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