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tarekziade commented Jul 19, 2012

playing with the user ssh key is a very bad idea. if the test fails or something goes wrong, he can lose his private keys.

the test needs to work in complete isolation from the rest of the system.

btw, this:

SSH_PATH = '/home/' + os.getlogin() + '/.ssh/'

WIll not work under OS X. You want:

SSH_PATH = os.path.expanduser(os.path.join('~', os.getlogin() + '.ssh'))

is there a command in paramiko to run an SSH server?

Tunneling through a SSH server created programmatically requires connecting to a port other than 22.

The current implementation of zmq.ssh.tunnel_connection() that uses OpenSSH does not permit connecting to servers bound to ports other than 22. Pyzmq does not parse a server in the form "address:port" because it does not use the -p option when calling the ssh command. See

To make tunnel_connection consistent with the documentation
the following change would be needed:

The pull request to pyzmq was approved - how would I rebuild circus such that it incorporates the change?


tarekziade commented Jul 21, 2012

You change in pyzmq was approved and merged. Let's use our own local copy of zmq.ssh.tunnel_connection() until they do a new release

nickpell was assigned Jul 23, 2012

With the pyzmq change I'm able to connect to an SSH server through a port other than 22, but I still haven't figured out how to run a paramiko SSH server that accepts a port forwarding request.

For example, I'm able to authenticate to the server in with the command "ssh robey@localhost -p 2200 -L port:localhost:other_port" followed by the password, but that is not sufficient to make port forwarding take place. It seems that you would want to override the function, but I don't see how the server can acquire the correct parameters to pass to the function from the ssh command.

Any ideas?

nickpell was unassigned by tarekziade Sep 19, 2014


k4nar commented May 28, 2016

I don't think this test exists anymore.

k4nar closed this May 28, 2016

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