appliance-setup is a package for creating standard server builds in a reproducible way.
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Appliance Setup

Quick Start

  1. Boot TurnKey Core 12

    [Suggested route using VMDK in VirtualBox follows. Continue on step 2 using alternate VM hosting solution.]

    A. Create home for virtual hard disk on host and download image

    mkdir /opt/vm_virtual_disk
    cd /opt/vm_virtual_disk
    unzip turnkey*.zip

    B. Start up Virtual Box, and create a New Virtual Machine.

    name:  <anything>
    Operating System:  Linux
    Version: Ubuntu
    Memory: <at least 256 MB>
    Virtual Hard Disk: <select the *.vmdk from the expanded download above>

    C. Networking- it's likely you'll want to select the 'Bridged Adapter' under the network configuration for the VM, to be able to access the VM from the host or elsewhere.

  2. Clone appliance-setup repo to /opt/appliance-setup

    git clone --recursive \ \

(Optional) Check out a specific version (tag or branch)

    cd /opt/appliance-setup &&
    git checkout <tag|branch> &&
    git submodule update
  1. Run setup

    APPLIANCE_COMPONENTS="kenyaemr" /opt/appliance-setup/bin/appliance-setup apply

    Look at the files under puppet/modules/appliance_components/manifests for available components.