Application template and dependencies for flask projects running on gunicorn and nginx.
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Flask-Gunicorn-Nginx setup/installation script

This code is adapted from this Digital Ocean tutorial for setting up flask, postgres, gunicorn, and nginx with a Let's Encrypt cert on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04 droplet with Python 3.

Digital Ocean Let's Encrypt for Nginx



  • A ditalocean (or similar) droplet running some variation of Linux (I used ubuntu 16.04 64 bit, but this will probably work on other distros)
  • A domain name
  • A DNS configured to point the domain name to the DO droplet

SSH into the digital ocean server and run the following:

adduser [USERNAME]
adduser [USERNAME] sudo
git clone
cd flask_tempalte
source [domain name]

After installation, you should be able to go to http://[domain name] in a browser and see the homepage. Currently, certbot is set up to only get a staging cert, which the browser shouldn't trust by default.


Why do this bare-metal instead of docker?

You probably don't actually need it for most demo web apps or for low-to-medium traffic sites.

Why not use a pre-baked deployment infrastructure/ static site generator/ some other service?

This is primairly aimed at people that want to learn to set up the deployment infrastructure for themselves. I'm sure that you could use this to productionalize something, but you're probably better off using this as an aid to the above tutorials

To reset ssh keys on local:

ssh-keygen -R [SERVER IP]

ssh-add ~/.ssh/[PRIVATE KEY NAME]

ssh root@[SERVER IP]