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@ciribob ciribob released this Jan 2, 2021 · 1 commit to beta since this release

Important Links

Donations - Patreon: or Paypal:

Support - Discord -

Installation and Update Instructions

Download and run SRS-AutoUpdater.exe


Extract ALL the files from the "" (link below) zip into a temporary folder and just run the installer which'll replace any previous version installed automatically.


  • Fix for stutter in multiple radios receive under certain circumstances
  • Fix for Hornet Transponder codes not allowing codes starting with 0
  • Enabled HOT MIC for the UH1 between the crew - you will need to disable always allow SRS hotkeys and enable DCS PTT in SRS (the default)
  • MIDS - Line of Sight and Distance Limitations removed. We assume a Link16 network is in place

Thanks to you all for the support - SRS Team

DCS / VR Compatible Overlay

The overlay has 4 states, hidden, small, small+volume & full that you can see by pressing Left Control + Left Shift + Escape by default.

The Full state has a title bar that you can click and drag the window around with. The window position will be saved for when DCS is next opened.

To configure the overlay hotkey, run DCS and go to the SRS Section inside the DCS Settings

Troubleshooting / Support

Please ask on Discord

Donation Link - Patreon: or Paypal:

Server Hosting

For the server you need to open TCP AND UDP PORTS 5002 unless you've changed the server port using the server config file. The server tries to open the ports using UPNP

Banned IPs are added to a file created where ever the server is run called banned.txt. To unban, just delete the IP from the file and restart the server.

The server will always open ONE PORT in two Protocols TCP and UDP - you can control this with the Config file. If you cant press PTT but everything else looks fine - this is why and indicated with the VoIP Green Plug 👍

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